About Us

dfdSGH was founded by Saba Gul Hasan in February 2014, an M.phil graduate in the field of Food Science and Human Nutrition. In the past she has worked in collaboration with fitness clubs and various hospitals around Lahore. Now running her own venture “SGH”, she also writes health articles for Dawn Newspaper, is passionate about organic growing, medicinal herbs and GMO free food, and has her own line of gluten free Quinoa products, herbal teas and wholesome chemical free food stuffs.

Our Vision

SGH, with an array of nutrition services and health products, envisions a nation of individuals aware of the food system, mindful of our local farmers and conscious about their health and lifestyle.

Our Aim

We believe in delivering the best of what SGH has to offer and pride in providing quality health products and services to our clients. Honesty, loyalty and confidentiality towards our customers are the trademarks of our organization.


SGH provides its customers with an array of expert services and professional solutions regarding health and nutrition.

Among the services provided are:

  • Nutritional Support
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Fitness Advice
  • Nutrition Career Counseling
  • Nutrition Guidance


  1. sameen says:

    from which institute you done M.phil.


  2. Muhammad yousaf quddoos says:

    I have deeply interest in nutrition but unfortunately i have no plate form at which where i can do research, provide better service , i you think i am eligible for SGH kindly inform me, i am waiting your positive response, M YOUSAF QUDDOOS M,S Food technologist and PGD in human Diet & Nutrition


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